How To Write Copy Like Lieutenant Columbo

I love Columbo. He’s sly like a fox.  He knows ‘whodunnit’ right from the start (he’s just figuring out the ‘how’). And I get a kick out of the way he says ‘just one more thing…’ to catch suspects off guard. Best of all?  The fact every episode sticks to a well-worn, deceptively simple template. Think about it… In each episode, [...]

The German Success Secret

There was something beautiful about it wasn’t there?

The way Germany took apart Brazil last night in the World Cup.

You didn’t see it? Don’t worry, here’s the take away…

All the noise was that this is Brazil’s year.

They’re on home territory. In front of tens of thousands of fans.

Who could be so mean as to spoil the fairy tale?

Those pesky Germans that’s who.

They quietly got to work and dismantled those yellow shirted weaklings piece by piece.

It was staggering to watch.

And because I’m a total marketing geek, I got to thinking about how this demolition applies to business.

Showdown On Skype

Today, I’m having one of those talks with a Client. The kind of talk where one of us (clue: not me) will get more than a little angry. There may even be — gasp — swear words. Why? Because sometimes you can’t tell somebody what they WANT to hear… … You have to tell ‘em [...]