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    Get Into 'The Flow' For Kick-Ass Copy

Copywriters: Get Into The ‘Flow’ Of Writing Copy

This video landed for me at just the right time.

Looking back over the past 2-3 years my business as a copywriter has exploded.

And this video makes me think getting into ‘the flow’ could be the reason. I’ll explain more after you watch below.

If you’re a copywriter, marketer, entrepreneur (or all three), watch this presentation now…

So how did getting into the flow affect my work?  It seems obvious looking back.

The more I enjoy my work, the more my creativity sparks, the more I’m content with the ‘now’ and looking forward to the future… the better my work gets.

And that in turn leads to bigger and better results for my clients.  Which attracts even smarter, sharper clients my way.

So if you’re a copywriter and you’re struggling right now, as Stephen Pressfield might say, “Do The Work”.

If you’re not getting the results you want for your clients or you’re not attracting the right kinds of clients…

Hang in there and Do The Work.  Improve your skills.  Aim to become a master of your art.

Because when you get a handle on how to write sales copy that really sells.

When you know you can create winners for clients again and again… … it’s a very empowering feeling.

And it makes your work a whole lot more enjoyable.

Which in turn generates bigger success, more cash for your clients (and commissions for you), and big dogs will seek you out.

The trick is to get into the flow.

Have you ever experienced that feeling, when everything just clicks and writing becomes a joy?  Would love to hear your thoughts below…

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Prometheus Breakthrough Advertising

In the penultimate episode of Homeland, screened last Sunday on Channel 4 here in the UK, the first ad-break was taken up by a single advertisement.  A trailer for upcoming sci-fi movie Prometheus.  But there was way more going on here than just a movie trailer.

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