8 Steps Guaranteed To Boost Your Conversion Rate.

image8 Steps Guaranteed To Boost Your Conversion Rate:

The biggest mistake that people make when they begin website optimization is not having a well-defined process to ensure a robust and systematic approach to improving revenues or other key metrics for their website. Without such a process you are almost certainly going to fail to fully utilise you’re A/B testing tool and achieve consistent and sustainable gains in your conversion rate. Follow this eight step approach below and you are much more likely to see measurable and significant benefits from website optimization.

Step 1. Start Measuring Visitor Behaviour.

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. It’s critical that you have web analytics on your site to monitor unique visitor numbers on all your pages and begin measuring conversion goals such as downloads, registrations, add to basket and other relevant transactions. If you don’t have any budget get Google Analytics as there is a free version that will meet most of your needs. It only takes a few minutes to insert a line of JavaScript into your HTML. You can also check out my Digital Marketing Optimization Toolbox for a list of other web analytics suppliers…

8 Steps Guaranteed To Boost Your Conversion Rate.

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