You Charge HOW MUCH?!

Many of my clients are a little shocked when I first tell them my fees.

“You charge more than John Carlton!” being one of the more memorable responses.

Now, I have no idea how much Sir Carlton charges but this slightly shaken client was referring to a request for on-going commissions.

Too many marketers are way too scared to give their copywriter a percentage of the deal.

That’s scarcity thinking.

Flip that thinking around and you’ll see how bringing a skilled copywriter on board simply makes a bigger pie for everyone.

When I create a sales video or put together an entire funnel for a client, I want an up-front fee, sure, but I ALSO want a piece of the action.


Because, from my perspective, I want to feel like my client’s business is MY business too.  I want us both to pull in the same direction.  I want us both to have the same goal.

Here’s the way I look at it:

If I’m making great money with you as a client… that means YOU are making OBSCENE amounts of money.

It’s a total win/win.

Now, the majority of copywriters will charge a one-time flat-fee.  I used to do that too.

You get paid, you write the copy, you move onto the next job.  Nice and easy, right?

Well… what if the copy doesn’t get the result your client is after?

Do you rewrite for free?  Most “big dog” copywriters would say NO!

“You want a rewrite you gotta pay me again!”

Now, this is supremely arrogant, don’t you think?  If your copy doesn’t perform surely something needs to be done about that?

Of course, from the copywriter’s perspective, the client’s cash bought the copywriter’s time and effort… and now that’s all used up.

The results?  The client and copywriter at loggerheads.

How can you as a client solve this?

By making your copywriter part of your team.  Offer a handsome percentage for his efforts and you’ll be rewarded ten-fold.

Here’s how it works for me:

When I wake up in the morning, I’m thinking about my client’s business…

  • How can we become the #1 business teaching marketing online…
  • How can we grow to 9-figures as a health publisher…
  • How can I make this guy the celebrity in the dating field he deserves to be…

You get the idea.

Now, if I was getting paid a flat-fee for a project, would I think this way?  Doubtful.

As a copywriter and marketing consultant, I want to be inspired, I want to be the guy who makes shit happen for you.

Next time you’re looking to hire a copywriter, hunt down the best and think how you can entice them to work their asses off on your project.

My friend Brian Kurtz (CEO of Boardroom) said it best…

Being a cheapskate with your copy and creative is a huge mistake…and feeling bad because a copywriter “makes too much money” is shortsighted. It’s also thinking scarcity, not abundance.”

Why ClickBank Is The New Rock ‘n’ Roll (For Copywriters)

“The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated” — Mark Twain.

Gossip and rumor about the future of Clickbank has been flying around forums, blogs and private channels for months now.

Some say it’s gone to the dogs — all the push-button bullshit eroding any credibility it may have had left.

Others say it’s shot itself in the foot by clearing out all the push-button bullshit that was in-fact making people a ton of (unethical?) money.

Me?  I say it’s entering an exhilarating period of rebirth.

Having just seen a webinar and talked with Beau Blackwell on Skype, I’m excited about the future.

For 2 reasons mainly…

1) The Joint Venture contract feature.  I’ve been trying this out for 3 or 4 months now and, from a copywriter’s persepctive, it makes product launches and evergreen projects way more exciting.

In the past, its been so hard to collect commissions owed from clients.  No matter how many contracts they may sign or how much you trust them… it’s far too easy for the client to cut and run with your cash.

The JV contract feature on Clickbank means your owed percentage is automatically depositied directly into your CB account when a sale is made.

Pretty cool.

And this means my preferred was of working… partnering with my clients… just stepped up a level.

2) The B2B markerplace.  The smart-cookies at ClickBank have realized there’s an entire ecosystem built up around CB products.

Copywriters, designers, JV managers, programmers and product creators all contribute.

And in early 2012 there will be a marketplace specifically to showcase their talents.

Plus there’s the up-coming digital product protection… the ability to sell big-ticket items… and — best of all — you’ll soon be able to sell physical products through CB.

Making money on the internet has always been a “people business”.  With these new features ClickBank just blazed a trail.  One I’m more than happy to follow.