24 hours

Kathy Griffin was singing the blues until recently.

Ever since her inappropriate picture of a decapitated President Trump, she was blackballed from the entertainment industry.

She went from being one of the hottest comedians in showbiz to pariah in 24 hours.

For over a year, she suffered. No gigs, except for a few small venues overseas.

And then she discovered email.

And in her words, in 24 hours she “SOLD OUT Carnegie Hall”…

It gets better.

She sold out Radio City Music Theater, too…

Wow. Now THAT’S a comeback story.

What are you waiting for?

For those who say email marketing doesn’t work, I say you’re just not using it right.

Get with the program.

Hopefully, no matter how bad things are for you right now (and they were pretty bad for Kathy,) this will inspire you to open up an Aweber account and get started.

And if you need help, just hit me up.

Nihil Obstat (“Let nothing stand in your way”),


P.S. The clip you see is from Jeffree Star’s makeup channel.

Jeffery has a HUGE YouTube following (6.8m) and Kathy stopped by for a well-deserved makeover. Just sayin.


It’s interesting, but in a train wreck sort of way.