“Ugly” Always Wins…

On the phone with a couple of well-respected marketers last night and we were talking… squeeze pages.

Yep, some of these marketing phone calls are downright sexy!

He’s looking for a template for lead gen page we can use for a number of projects together. So he shows me his idea. It’s got some text, a big ol’ video and a nice blue, Web 2.0 style background.

Pretty and kind of bland.

So I say “can I show you guys what I was thinking?”

And I bring up this webpage that’s converting at over 60% for a current client.

I can hear them both nodding (can you hear people nod? I think so) and they say “hmmm, yeah, mmm, I like it.”

And then there’s silence.

The sound of crickets chirping.

And I’m starting to think I’ve lost my Skype connection.

Then one of the guys blurts out…

THIS converts at 60 PERCENT?!”

You see, the squeeze page I showed them was ugly. Damn ugly. It was not slick, or “Web 2.0-ey” or remotely attractive in the slightest.

But it works. It works because it forces the prospect to read the copy and take action.

Ugly always wins.

How To Suck In Streams Of Targeted Subscribers

Just starting a new project for a client who wants to run an offline/online combo launch.

We’re going to blast out some postcards and get folks to a squeeze page. So right now we’re discussing “what’s hot” in squeeze pages these days.

Because it’s important to remember — especially online — everything’s evolving. Sure, the fundamentals stay the same but it’s all about how you dress up those fundamentals.

In this case we’re dealing with how to get lazer-targeted subscribers signing up for a pre-launch.

Here’s what we’ll be testing…

1) Traditional Squeeze Page (mainly text) promising a revealing/eye-popping/must-see video

This is the regular, some might say old-fashioned, squeeze page but… in this era of whizz-bang video overload… some delicate, not too salesy text goes a long way.

Right now I’m favoring a curiosity-building headline and a screenshot of the video you get on subscribing.

2) Video Squeeze Page – video only, maybe the odd bit of text

So these are all the rage right now. Personally, I hate the ones without a pause button.

(I recently did a launch for a well-known “guru” who ditched the sales letter I gave him for a video instead. The video had no pause button, nor was there any other text on the page. It bombed.)

Rather than just give a salesy “please sign-up to my list” type video we’re going with all-content. The catch is that they only get half the info, the other half is delivered on sign-up. I’m looking forward to testing this one.

3) PDF Giveaway

This one is fairly new to me, I tried it recently and while we had fewer subscribers, they were extremely targeted.

Here’s how you do it…

Give away a quality report on the squeeze page. No sign-up, no nuthin’

But inside the pdf give a link to another squeeze page. So… if they love your pdf, if they’re interested in the info… they’ll want to sign-up, right?

This makes your prospects very warm to any offers you might have further down the line.

Anyhoo, I’ll be testing all of these pre-launch sign-up ideas and I’ll let you know which worked the best.