Cold Traffic Confusion

If you’ve ever been involved in a successful product launch.  One where dozens of affiliates mail to your sales video and the cash pours in thick and fast…  Somebody at some point will have furiously typed out a group email along the lines of…

“Man, I can’t WAIT to take this to cold traffic!”

Woah there.  Not so fast excitable marketer!

You see, getting great conversions on a product launch is a different animal to seeing success in the big, wide world of cold traffic.


Because affiliates generally mail out to their lists of BUYERS.  And these buyers sit on various, similar lists.  So when they see the same promo in their inbox again and again it has a snowball effect.

“Wow, that’s 7 emails today about Digital Millions…I better check this out!”

It’s a different matter when your audience is “cold” to you though.

Picture your unassuming prospect casually wasting time on Facebook.  Her gaze wandering over to the ad-stuffed sidebar…

She’s not pre-sold, warmed up or even has the first frickin’ clue about you or your product.  Sure the banner ad may do SOME heavy lifting for you, it may pique her curiosity but that’s all.

Which is why you need a totally different approach to converting on cold traffic.

You need to rattle your prospect’s cage, grab her attention and then lead her into your sales pitch with a compelling story.  In short, you need to spend more time on the foreplay (always the fun part, right?)

With list or JV traffic you can afford to cut to the chase.  You can very quickly get to what you’re offering and how it’s different to the competition.

Cold traffic has its name for a reason… you gotta warm them up first.

I’m thinking of analyzing the most successful campaigns on paid media right now.  Cold traffic campaigns that bring in 7 or 8 figures like clockwork.  Let me know in the comments if this is something you’d be interested in…


Matt is a copywriter, marketing consultant and conversion expert from the UK. Husband to Faye and daddy to Martha and Elliott.

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