How To Hit The Top 10 On Clickbank


Saw this message on Facebook today. That’s the 3rd of my Clients to hit the Top 10 on Clickbank in the last month.

Not too shabby.

I often get asked:

“Matt, why don’t you write for your OWN products?  That way you get to keep 100% of the money!”  

Well, yeah it has occurred to me 🙂

But the thing is… I love growing businesses (and taking a piece of the action for my troubles).

That’s what I’m good at.  I don’t want to be dealing with employees or admin or revenue projections.

Besides, right now is a great time to be a copywriter.  Why?

Because more and more marketers are waking up to the fact that high quality marketing is the ULTIMATE point of leverage.

Think about it…

Getting traffic is EASY.  There are countless markets and new ones opening up all the time so creating products isn’t hard if you put some thought into it.

Yet that also means competition is FIERCE.

The only way to stand out?  With your marketing and sales copy.  It’s essential these days.

It’s why last week I had a call with a dating guru who has a huge following on YouTube a big list, countless products, slick design…

… but he’s generating piddly amounts of revenue.

And it’s why I had another call with a very well-known fitness marketer who complained copy is “the biggest hole in his business”.

These guys NEED quality sales copy. It’s that simple.

Master the skill of writing great copy and there’s countless opportunity out there.

My favorite email copywriting course

Want to know my favorite email copy course?

Sorry.  Don’t have one.  Down with the email gurus! 😉

Look, when you write with the outcome I have, you really don’t need a course.

Here’s my email prime directive:

I want every email to be so good that if a subscriber didn’t get it and they found out about it later, they’d say…

“Man, I wish I would’ve seen that!”

I shared this idea with one person on my list and he told me his email results shot up 300% overnight. No joke.

Which is why I’m sharing it with you today.

Ponder that today and the implications it has on your copywriting.

– Matt

P.S. It’s like traffic guru, Tommie Powers says:

“Dude, I read every one of your emails.”

Now you know the reason he and other discriminating marketers do.

P.P.S. Yes, there ARE mechanics to writing emails that fulfill that “man, I wish I would’ve seen that!” outcome. Maybe someday I’ll put together a coaching group group or something.

Let me know if you have an interest.


I write for several people in the fitness market. I also write for several guys who are dating coaches.

Several of these guys… their personas online incorporate liberal amounts of swearing.
In real life, I don’t swear (much).

But I can tell you this, salt your language and people respond.

It could be because swear words naturally evoke an emotional response.

It could be because the communication sounds more authentic.

But it works.
For marketers that don’t swear and don’t want to swear, I understand. This email is not for you.

But if you’re ok with swearing, a little or a lot, try it judiciously in an email and notice the response.

Another other thing I encourage you do is soften the delivery of the word.

Instead of “fuck”, say “fvck” or “f*ck”. The communication will still be delivered as intended.

I think you might be surprised.

– Matt

PS: Trust me, there’s an art to swearing on paper. I had a copy cub recently who thought he could just vomit swear words and he’d get the same response as me.

The promotion back fired. Lesson learned.

The operative word when it comes to swearing is “judicious”. A little goes a long way.