The Grind

It’s nice to see other copywriters do well. It’s wonderful, actually.

Especially the ones that are new to the craft.

I love that feeling when the gears first catch. And you realize IT CAN BE DONE.

And not only that, YOU JUST DID IT.

The first time it happened to me was I landed a juicy project writing my first ClickBank promotion.

I didn’t even know what ClickBank was at the time. Wrote this internet marketing offer for a guy out of Ireland and it caught fire.

I was amazed. And I was even more amazed when he referred me to a friend and we did it AGAIN.

But here’s a secret:

Most of the copywriters that experience early success? Despite their good fortune, they can’t sustain it.

They beat themselves up, and then one of two things happens:

They quit.

Or they parlay their one-hit-wonderness into a long term mediocre writing career.

They’re never quite able to create the magic again.

That makes me sad. It happens all too often.

Because all they’d need is one distinction to turn it all around if they were open to it.

(Sadly, most are not because of their bullheaded “I know it all” self-righteousness.)

What’s the one distinction?

If I told it to you, would you incorporate it into your work?

Ok, here it is:

One-hit-wonders have a goal. A-listers have A PROCESS. A SYSTEM for producing consistent results.

It makes sense when you think about it.

One-hit-wonders WANT to produce a winning sales letter.

It doesn’t matter why. Ego. Self-fulfillment. Gotta pay a big bill. Whatever.

Or how. Swipe. Cobble something together, again it doesn’t matter.

Once they achieve the goal (or not,) then what happens?

There’s a new goal. A new bill to pay. The scramble for the next client.

Do it enough and it gets fatiguing just thinking about it. :\

That kind of writing career is tough to sustain.

You’re living hand to mouth.

What’s worse, the muse of copywriting hates always being on call for your next emergency.

She prefers to set up shop and work LONG TERM with copywriters. These A-listers have developed a process for collaborating with her.

When you have a process you follow religiously, you can rely on your muse filling your inspirational sails.

(One side benefit? No more writer’s block.)

I call my process “the grind”. Rain or shine, I grind it out every day.

After 12 years, I’m addicted to it by now. I *have* to do it.

I WANT do it every day.

It sounds like a lot of work, and it is. I’ve tried shortcuts… I’ve tried brain supplements… I’ve tried different technology aids… I’ve tried music…

I’ve tried all sorts of “gimmicks”. But nothing compares to a true system for consistently producing winning results.

Today, I have that system.

I built from scratch for myself, based upon my lifestyle.

It’s like a part of me now.

I’ll share it with you someday. But for now, just appreciate that if you want to write that million dollar sales letter, you’ve got to have a system…

Till next time,


Matt is a copywriter, marketing consultant and conversion expert from the UK. Husband to Faye and daddy to Martha and Elliott.

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