The Magic Bullet Myth

I always get hopeful clients pointing me towards the latest Clickbank No.1 and pleading…

“Can you write me a sales letter just like that one?”

Of course, I know what they really mean…

“Can you write me a sales page that makes me as much money as that one?”

I mean… sure I can give you a sales page that LOOKS like the latest Clickbank No.1. Though I would never steal or copy another sales page as one unethical “marketer” recently asked me to do.

I can even give you a sales page that becomes a Clickbank No.1 and brings you a boatload of moolah but… you need certain other elements in place for that to happen.

Point is… “great copy alone does not a Clickbank No.1 make”

(Didn’t you know that’s an ancient proverb?)

Being a copywriter, I’ll be the first to tell you how vitally important great copy is.

In fact — it’s crucial to a successful launch.

But it’s still just a single cog in your all-conquering sales machine.

Show me a Clickbank No.1 product and I’ll show you a web page that is pummeled with hordes of traffic day and night.

Because to get the BIG money, you need copy that converts but you also need a lot of traffic. A truckload of eyeballs have to see the webpage before you can make a gazillion sales.

Obvious really.

And of course there are other factors too.

It helps (really helps) if you have a great offer. I mean… if you’re selling dross, it makes my job a lot harder and, frankly, you’re heading for refund city.

A great concept can help, the right price, a message to market match… the list goes on.

Copy is vitally important but it’s not a magic bullet.

Matt is a copywriter, marketing consultant and conversion expert from the UK. Husband to Faye and daddy to Martha and Elliott.

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