“Ugly” Always Wins…

On the phone with a couple of well-respected marketers last night and we were talking… squeeze pages.

Yep, some of these marketing phone calls are downright sexy!

He’s looking for a template for lead gen page we can use for a number of projects together. So he shows me his idea. It’s got some text, a big ol’ video and a nice blue, Web 2.0 style background.

Pretty and kind of bland.

So I say “can I show you guys what I was thinking?”

And I bring up this webpage that’s converting at over 60% for a current client.

I can hear them both nodding (can you hear people nod? I think so) and they say “hmmm, yeah, mmm, I like it.”

And then there’s silence.

The sound of crickets chirping.

And I’m starting to think I’ve lost my Skype connection.

Then one of the guys blurts out…

THIS converts at 60 PERCENT?!”

You see, the squeeze page I showed them was ugly. Damn ugly. It was not slick, or “Web 2.0-ey” or remotely attractive in the slightest.

But it works. It works because it forces the prospect to read the copy and take action.

Ugly always wins.

Matt is a copywriter, marketing consultant and conversion expert from the UK. Husband to Faye and daddy to Martha and Elliott.

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