Years ago, when Charlie Sheen was everybody’s go-to train wreck in motion, I seized the moment and bought the domain…


Charlie’s behavior at the time personified what was (and still is) the attitude you need to write really aggressive copy.

Remember him waving a machete around from the top of a building?

Ambition. Attitude. Aggression.

It was all there–in spades.

The man was on fire. His testosterone was through the roof!

A lot of business owners and entrepreneurs don’t realize this about copy because copywriting is such a cerebral activity.

It’s easy to overthink it.

The reality is we as copywriters are much more driven by our emotions than by our brains.

It’s true.

Some of the best copy I have written had almost zero logic to it. Zero proof. No rationale whatsoever.


Yet it sold (and still sells) like waffles at Waffle House.


Only one reason: I was ON FIRE about the subject.

Not in a “know-it-all I’m such a guru” sort of way. Not in a encyclopedic sort of way.

But in a way which showed I was extraordinarily passionate about the subject.

Yet not only that.

I was also extremely passionate about MY AUDIENCE, the person I was writing to.

My writing glowed. Like hot steel fresh out of the furnace.

I’m saying any of this to brag. I’m saying this because if you don’t have that Charlie Sheen tiger blood coursing through your veins…


It’s a waste of time.

Better to do more research instead.

Or even better, hold off until something makes you mad, pisses you off and forces you to almost uncontrollably vent your emotions.

That’s the best copy for hyper-competitive markets. (Not sure about boring markets like legal services.)

The goal is to get it out of your system. But in a productive way.

Not like Charlie.

You don’t have to be outrageous. You don’t have to inject massive amounts of steroids.

All you need to do is what I call “unleash”.

I believe when you unleash, you release all the emotions which fuel your best writing… your best work.

There’s a quote that I rely on regularly:

“Write drunk, edit sober.”

Obviously when you’re inebriated, your emotions flow a little easier.

Now I’m not advocating you get drunk. You don’t even need Bulletproof Coffee.

All you need to is to uncheck your emotions and allow your passion for your market to shine through.

Try that, and let me know what happens, ok?

I’d love to hear your story.

Till next time,


P.S. For the record, I do not have “Adonis DNA.”

I am not a warlock. Nor am I a “rockstar from Mars.”

Although admittedly, I can write like one when I need to. 😉

P.P.S. Why didn’t I build out tigerbloodcopy.com?

Because Charlie trademarked all his zany names, rendering mine unusable.

Darn. 😉

Matt is a copywriter, marketing consultant and conversion expert from the UK. Husband to Faye and daddy to Martha and Elliott.

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