Are ClickBank Cracking Down?

I’m just emerging from a good 4-5 months straight of writing and consulting on one ClickBank launch after another.

(In case you’ve been on Mars, ClickBank is the no.1 affiliate network for digital goods.  And a great place to spot what’s working NOW in the marketplace.)

And what I saw was pretty… ugly.

Ok, not all bad.  In fact, there are some powerful tactics at play if you look closer than the screaming hype. We’ll get to those in the next blog post.

But right now, there’s a huge chasm between good quality products and trash software with excessively loud sales pages.

Why?  Well a client of mine put it best this week…

“You can’t sell candy when everyone else is selling crack.”

This is a guy with years of experience and millions of dollars in the bank who can’t get his product noticed because the top 10 in CB is filled up with (what I like to call) ‘push button bullsh*t’.

But just last week CB appeared to have woken up from their cash-induced slumber and declared war on over-the-top sales letters.

First a product claiming it had the secret to free Facebook ads was chopped.

And then, one of my favorite sales pages of the year (if you don’t take it seriously), Stripped Down Profits was also axed.

Side Note — anybody buying the latter in the hope that a stripper would give them financial aid deserved everything they got.

So what does this all mean?

Have ClickBank suddenly decided they better start actually keeping an eye on what’s happening in their network?

Or are they merely making an example of a couple of folks to keep the heat from the FTC at bay?

Time will tell.

Matt is a copywriter, marketing consultant and conversion expert from the UK. Husband to Faye and daddy to Martha and Elliott.

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