Are You Making This Mistake With Your Sales Copy?

Have you ever written or paid for a sales letter… thrown it up online… and felt your heart sink as ZERO sales came in?

If you’re like most people you probably cursed and felt a strong urge to abandon and start all over again.

Big Mistake.

It’s amazing to me how a few tweaks to a webpage can not just improve conversions… but turn a flatlining piece into a roaring success.

My point?  Don’t give up too soon.

No matter how bad you think your intial piece of copy is, you now have a base to work from.

Quick story…

When Dan Kennedy was called in to improve the performance of a sales letter, he didn’t rewrite or start over… he simply added one letter to the headline…

“Put The Magic Of Music Into Your Life” was the original head.  Can you guess what letter he added?

The letter ‘S’.

“Puts The Magic Of Music Into Your Life” ramped up conversions and boosted sales — all from one additional letter.

(And we’ll get to WHY that made such a difference another time).

So don’t despair… don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater… you may be only one letter from success.

Matt is a copywriter, marketing consultant and conversion expert from the UK. Husband to Faye and daddy to Martha and Elliott.

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