Would YOU Test 22 Times?

If we ever needed proof that testing is EVERYTHING, check out this story from the guys behind the P90X fitness DVDs…P90X_system


Their first infomercial tanked.

But they kept at it.

They tweaked their presentation a further 21 times before finally hitting paydirt to the tune of $700 million in sales!

Having started my own career in the infomercials biz, I loved this line from the article…

“Now, you gotta remember, I’ve been an infomercial guy for the past 25 years. I’m used to being not the bottom of the barrel, but if you lift the barrel up and look underneath it–that’s where infomercials are.”

Marketing School Of Rock

“Re-issue ! Re-package ! Re-package !”  The Smiths – Paint A Vulgar Picture

Oooh shiny packaging!

What do you do when your customers move onto an entirely different model of consuming your product?

If you’re a record company, you scratch your head… refuse to let go of the past… and re-package existing product.

Sounds like a cynical cash-grab?

More like a last-ditch attempt to squeeze extra profit out of their talent.

Either way, for music lovers of my generation?  It works!

Record collectors of a certain (ahem) age love packaging, get a kick out of reading lyrics, and long for the days of a tactile experience with their record collection.  Sad but true.

It’s a damn shame to walk into HMV or any big record store and see the CDs and vinyl filed away in a darkened corner.

But for a few years yet, there exists a rabid “tribe” of nostalgia-hungry geeks who want their old favorites repcakaged and recycled.


Why ClickBank Is The New Rock ‘n’ Roll (For Copywriters)

“The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated” — Mark Twain.

Gossip and rumor about the future of Clickbank has been flying around forums, blogs and private channels for months now.

Some say it’s gone to the dogs — all the push-button bullshit eroding any credibility it may have had left.

Others say it’s shot itself in the foot by clearing out all the push-button bullshit that was in-fact making people a ton of (unethical?) money.

Me?  I say it’s entering an exhilarating period of rebirth.

Having just seen a webinar and talked with Beau Blackwell on Skype, I’m excited about the future.

For 2 reasons mainly…

1) The Joint Venture contract feature.  I’ve been trying this out for 3 or 4 months now and, from a copywriter’s persepctive, it makes product launches and evergreen projects way more exciting.

In the past, its been so hard to collect commissions owed from clients.  No matter how many contracts they may sign or how much you trust them… it’s far too easy for the client to cut and run with your cash.

The JV contract feature on Clickbank means your owed percentage is automatically depositied directly into your CB account when a sale is made.

Pretty cool.

And this means my preferred was of working… partnering with my clients… just stepped up a level.

2) The B2B markerplace.  The smart-cookies at ClickBank have realized there’s an entire ecosystem built up around CB products.

Copywriters, designers, JV managers, programmers and product creators all contribute.

And in early 2012 there will be a marketplace specifically to showcase their talents.

Plus there’s the up-coming digital product protection… the ability to sell big-ticket items… and — best of all — you’ll soon be able to sell physical products through CB.

Making money on the internet has always been a “people business”.  With these new features ClickBank just blazed a trail.  One I’m more than happy to follow.