My clients and partners can be very kind…

You beat our control by 30%!

Brian Kurtz — Boardroom/Bottom Line Inc.

Matt is a fantastic writer who really understands how to get my prospects to become buyers.

He’s a big part of the reason we’re still in the top 10 in Clickbank after well over a year!

Anthony Trister – Coffee Shop Millionaire

Matt, KILLER job on that copy man.

Some of the best I’ve read.”

Jon Benson

“Matt, thank you for the awesome high-converting sales copy and marketing consult on my QuickSprout Pro offer.

Your copy and sales strategy not only doubled my conversions but quadrupled them!

You’re on my speed dial for whenever I need copy that converts.”

Neil Patel (Quicksprout.com)

“Matt has been an outstandingcopywriter for me.  He WAS my secret weapon but now of course, the secret is out!

Matt ensures every part of your sales copy is tested and tweaked for maximum conversions.  And on my recent launch we’re talking $4.02 EPC.  That’s over $4 a click… an awesome achievement!

I have no hesitation in recommeding Matt to anyone.  Thanks a lot mate!” 

Chris Freville

“I have over 200 websites in different niches and Matt is the one guy I trust when it comes to the sales letter.

I DEMAND quality and Matt gives me just that.

Overall, the cost of the sales letter just pays for itself many times over in the long run.”

Peng  Joon (Clickbank No.1 Specialist in gaming,  marketing  and dating)

“Matt… this is the BEST sales letter I have EVER seen in this niche!”

Mark Anderson, ByeByeBigBrother.com

“Man this guy is GOOD and FAST!

He turned around 2 kick-ass letters and they were so good I just sent my deposit for a 3rd letter 🙂

And then I will take him up on a 4th letter.

Basically I’m going to book him SOLID for work…”

Howie Schwartz

“Matt, we hit $100,000 in the first 24 hours…I’m stunned.

It’s only 4 days into the launch and we’re at $300,000 in sales and counting.

We’re converting at over 8% so your copy pushed all the right buttons, I’ll be back for more very soon.Thanks so much…”

Tom Strignano

“Hey guys Saj P here.

After having 3 previous best selling clickbank products I approached Matt to do the copy for my latest product Affiliate Funnel System.

I just want to say that his copy is awesome and converted extraordinarily well for me and my top JV partners.

On top of that Matt is tremendously creative in coming up with hooks and story lines. He knows the Internet Marketing customer mind-set so well that he can easily create sales letters that persuade and convert.

I highly recommend his services…”

Saj P

“This dude is my secret weapon.

Matt’s copy alone pulled in hundreds of thousands of dollars for me this year.

Listen… I’ve worked with the best, but Matt is the guy I turn to again and again.

Get him before he doubles his fee!”

Eric Rockefeller

If you’re looking for a copywriter and marketing consultant who truly ‘gets it’… give Matt a call.

You won’t be sorry.

Vin Montello

“Matt has worked with me on copywriting projects for a long time now…

He’s surely someone you should have in your copywriting rolodex as he’s a pleasure to work with.

I’m very happy with his services”

Eric Louviere

Hi Matt,

I just wanted to say thank you for the killer copy you wrote.

It converts like gangbusters (squeeze page consistently above 50% and salespage is between 4-5% 😉

Oh…and also thank you for your professionalism and “going the extra mile” attitude.

Gabor Olah

“Matt’s copy is awesome, he was a critical factor in Secret Google Tactics being such a huge success with an astounding 23% conversion rate!

I’ll return time and time again whenever I need super-fast and ultra-powerful copy!”

Dylan Loh

Hi Matt,

As you know, this was my first product launch, and I am so glad that I hired your expertise. You were timely in the delivery, offered great feedback, and your salescopy was STELLAR!

I don’t know how you do it, but you truly were able to get into “my story and product ” and communicate that on a salespage like I have never seen before.

Not only that, I appreciate how you were always checking in with me during the launch to see if any last minute tweaking needed to be done for better conversion rates.

Thank you, this was priceless.

To anyone reading this, you will be hard-pressed to find a better copywriter than Matt O’Connor.  His copy converts, and you’ll make one-hundred times fold what you will ever pay to use him.

Mark Dulisse

“Thanks! I love the e-mails and letter, well done man…

Matt, it was a pleasure working with you,you were able to read my mind and know exactly what I needed and you got it done very fast, and highly professional.

Thanks a lot for your hard and excellent work.I strongly recommend you, for sure…”

Jacobo Benitez

“Matt, your words are magic… you got me glued to my monitor!

That had not happened to me in a long time…

You really are gifted in copywriting 🙂

I need to head to bed now.. it’s 30 minutes past midnight…( although I doubt I’ll be able to sleep well with all this excitement)…”

James Yii

“Matt’s copy had an  outstanding effect on my business , his ability to bring my readers back again and again with powerfully seductive emails boosted my sales 300%...”

John Alexander


“I just want to say a big thank-you to Matt at Delicious Copywriting for going above and beyond with all his help and support.
Matt’s superb ad text is soley responsible for my website conversions increasing 400%!
Evan Mills